The Detroit Lions Win the Super Bowl!

Contel Bradford
2 min readJan 27, 2024

Apparently I called the Lions winning the Super Bowl nearly five years ago. Fingers crossed I didn’t jinx ’em …

“Look at who it is,” greeted the cheery black man on the other side of the door. “Ya’ll come on inside. It’s cold as hell out here.”

The couple stepped into a house that was in much better condition than Wil initially anticipated. For instance, there were no clothes or dirty dishes scattered about. No roaches or rodents running a muck — from what he could tell. By all accounts, it was a small, albeit clean and well maintained home.

“Sup K.” The man embraced Kati with a warm, friendly hug.

“What’s up with you?” She retorted, overflowing with glee.

“Chillin’. Still basking in that glorious after glow.” He proudly pointed to the blue Detroit Lions logo on his black t-shirt.

“I know, right. Damn near half of the dudes at my work called off on Monday.”

“Shit, are you surprised?” The man spoke rhetorically. “We been waiting to celebrate this one for damn near sixty years. Can’t wait for the parade downtown tomorrow.”

Wil observed in silence, smiling awkwardly as the trio stood in a small hallway that ran from the front door to a kitchen. He found it very interesting that Kati, who admittedly thought sports were “dumb”, was suddenly this avid football fan. However, her excitement around last weekend’s Super Bowl party suddenly made sense. Hmmm

More importantly, Wil got a chance to size up the host. The man towered at least six feet high and weighed in at what looked like two hundred some odd pounds of lean muscle. To boot, he owned a million-dollar smile with charisma oozing from every pore. Despite only being in his presence for mere minutes, Wil gathered this exquisitely sculpted specimen had no trouble courting the ladies. Especially with that Louisville Slugger visibly lumbering in his charcoal colored jogging pants.

“I still can’t believe they did it.” Kati cleared her throat. “Darren, this is my boyfriend Itty. Itty, this Darren.”

Darren smiled and extended his hand. “What’s up Itii …”

“It’s actually Wil.” He wasted no time correcting his woman, yet cordially accepted the greeting with a firm handshake and forced smile.

Darren chuckled after shooting Kati a quick glance. “Cool. Well you guys come in and make yourselves comfortable.”

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