Jerk Off Instructions, by Sister Pam

Contel Bradford
7 min readMay 3, 2022


“Cheap motherfucker. Ooohh, I can’t stand him!”

Dustin was shaky at the plate. Batting with two outs, two strikes, and a dozen tipped fouls. Amber started to wonder why she wasted so much time with a loser who wouldn’t conform. Just couldn’t get with the program regardless of all the fine bullet points she outlined and highlighted for him. Especially when she had losers willing to cash out and purchase the luxury to voluntarily bend to her will.

Amber’s emotional issues stemmed far beyond tumultuous relationships with the opposite sex. Self-loath was the nemesis of the hour. Had been for days. And it came bearing the gift of depression. Always such a shitty feeling. But she had an out. For a few hours a day, she could click a button and morph into a different character altogether. Escape this maddening thing called reality. With the built-in camera on her laptop rolling, Amber instantly became Sister Pam.

“Hey Tim, mom said … oh my God! What are you doing?! Stop lying, I caught you. I caught you jacking off. I had a feeling you were always watching porn behind that dirty laptop. You nasty little fucker.”

Sister Pam folded her arms and paced back and forth about the bedroom, gazing down with a dubious grin. “Don’t try to hide it. I see that big ass value tub of Vaseline sitting there. UGGHHH. And why is it getting hard again? Oh my God, are you getting off on looking at me? You are, aren’t you? Ugh, gross. Little pervert. I mean I get it, okay. I mean … look at me.”

Like a recognition seeking InstaChat model, she unfolded her arms and showcased her body. A tiny, loose-fitting tank top flaunted a pair of busty boobs and nipples that proudly poked their way to attention. She wore skin-tight running shorts that hugged every part of her midriff, highlighting the camel-toe shaped treasure encased beneath it. Theatrical shenanigans aside, it was just the kind of outfit Amber would regularly lounge around in back home in the presence of her mom and younger brother.

“My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard. Apparently even my own little brother.” Sister Pam jokingly made a cock-sucking motion between her fist and mouth.

“Wait … why are you taking it out?” She recommenced to pacing back and forth, visibly perturbed, arms folded sternly. “Ohh my God, you are so nasty. Jacking your dick right in front of me. It is pretty big, though. At least you’re not a total loser. Haha!!”

Sister Pam smacked her lips in dismay. “No way! Are you fucking crazy? I’m not doing that with you. What are you trying to make a retarded baby or something? Ohh, you’ll pull out, huh. Like that’s suppose to convince me. Huh? Whatevs. Go ahead and tell her. Not like she gonna believe you any way. I’m sure mom already knows you’re a PERVTARD. You probably … no, I don’t wanna even think about it. Not going there.”

Sister Pam placed her hands on her hips and shifted her weight to the right as her expression went from sassy to curious. “Well it is your room. And I did just barge in here and bust up your little lonely lovefest.” She folded her arms again and started tapping her foot. “I can’t stop you from jerking off any way. Whoa, slow down big boy! DUH. Yeah, we better hurry up before mom gets home. Uhh … you better hurry up.” She sucked her teeth. What you want me to do? You mean, like this?”

Sister Pam grabbed a firm hold of both breasts and playfully jostled them in her grasps. She bent over, seductively teasing an eye full of cleavage, almost allowing the melons to slip free. Then she spun around and poked out her booty. While being on the smaller side with little to no curve support, having a “great ass” was a compliment she received on a regular basis. That ass was reasonably plump for its size and magnified as it clinched her shorts into a smothering wedgie.

“I had a feeling you’ve been looking at my ass. Do I have on panties or not? Ha! Wouldn’t you like to know.” Sister Pam cupped both cheeks and spread them apart, ultimately forcing the material further up her bum.

“Put some more Vaseline on it, boy,” she directed as she turned back around. “Ummmm. Yeah. Like that. Get it lubed up real nice. Now stroke it. Slower … so I can see it. Savor it with my eyes. Picture what it would be like. Pumping in and out of my mouth.”

Sister Pam laughed out loud, noticeably blushing, yet apparently failing to notice the tank top strap fall off her shoulder. “You wish you could put your dick in my mouth. You are not that lucky, boy. Ooops!” She finally acknowledged the wardrobe malfunction. “You didn’t see that.” She made sure to caress the fallen boob and rolled the nipple in her fingers before stuffing it back in and pulling up the strap.

“Mmm, you like that, little brother?” Sister Pam juggled both breasts while swaying her hips like there was a catchy tune playing in the background. “You like these big, juicy, 18-year old titties, don’t you?” She changed the juggling motion from up and down to in and out, tightly squeezing them together on the incline. “You wanna put that fat cock right between them. Mmm hmmm. Lube it up and ride ’em. Fucking my titties. Faster. Harder. Teasing my mouth with that BIG. FAT. COCK.”

Sister Pam gasped into a soft moan, arousal burning in her eyes. Right hand groping her tit. Left hand clawing at her crotch through her shorts. “Oooh! You got me all worked up, little brother.” She SMACKED the window of her soul, peeled back the curtains, and traced the puffy flesh with her fingers. “I’m gonna think about that dick when I’m playing with myself late at night. Rubbing my pussy and sticking my fingers in my ass. Mmmm … if you don’t hurry up and bust that thing … I might do something we’ll both regret.” She panted. “Cum for me. Come on.”

Amber bent down again, this time, closer to the tiny camera. And once again, her bouncy tit popped free. “Gimme all that nut. Give it to me! So I can lick it up.”

Sister Pam stood upright and took a few paces back. “Watching you stroke your cock makes me so fucking hot, little brother. My pussy is so wet right now. Can you see it?” She squeezed her legs tightly together and began to gnaw on a fingertip, eyes wild with passion. Nearly breathless, she encouraged, “Jerk that cock. Ohh yeah. That’s it. Ohh. OHHHHH … haha!!”

She pointed while laughing her ass off. “You got it all over yourself. Ewwww. It’s all up by your neck and shit. Why didn’t you have a towel or something? I know this not the first time you’ve done this. Well … I guess this was unexpected. Hehe. I would throw you something to clean it up, but I have shit to do. Bye bye… LOSER!”

Her breasts were spilling over as she bent down and turned off the web camera. Amber flopped on the bed beside the laptop, heart pounding with excitement and wearing the goofiest grin. She was amazed at how much adrenaline she’d built up just putting on the short performance in her bedroom. Simplicity aside, it ranked up there with one of the more exhilarating experiences in her kinky expedition.

FaaS promoted and encouraged variety among its service providers. In-demand talent with a la carte menu options of their own was a win-win for all parties involved. Despite being steady money makers, fetishes like foot worship and the more lucrative financial domination were tedious. Not to mention, populated with weirdos. Amber dealt with enough creeps on a weekly basis to literally make her skin crawl.

She found a worthy secondary in video. Amber opened up her own video clip store on top of the blazing FaaS cloud platform. She experimented with a few kinks. Footies, obviously. However, the best performing niche centered on masturbation. Amber recorded herself interacting with the viewer as they watched her on-screen, providing instruction or encouragement as they stroked off to her visage. Thus far, the videos featuring her Sister Pam gimmick were the biggest hit. Turns out, incest porn was a huge deal. Bunch of sickos out there. Twisted as it may be, the cogs of Amber’s mind fiercely rotated as she hashed more creative scenarios for the character.

This is gonna be fun.

An excerpt from The Fetish Dictionary: Kinks G thru W, now available wherever ebooks are sold.

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