Freddy and Jason Face Off in a “Literal” Rematch

Contel Bradford
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I’m a massive horror movie slappy. Sure, the genre spits out a lot of crap, but I’m willing to brave the torment for the simple fact that a bad horror movie trumps a sappy ass rom com any day of the week. Rom com. SMH.

Now on the surface, picking a favorite from hundreds of films may seem like a tall task, but for me, it’s a piece of cake. All day, everyday, it’s Freddy vs. Jason! The two biggest icons from the two biggest horror movie franchises. It’s Lakers vs. Celtics. Hogan vs. Flair. A battle of titans clashing in an epic blood bath.

Got a late start compared to its predecessors, but I’m reaching a point where I will have watched this shit more than any other movie. To my understanding, FvJ was a hit at the box office, so you’d think a sequel would have been a no brainer. Unfortunately, the stars just didn’t align. Lots of legal shenanigans behind the scenes.

None of that stopped me from checking every now and then to see if anything had changed on the production front. During one of those checks, I ran across a most mind boggling discovery. I found a Freddy vs. Jason sequel!

Now don’t go getting too excited on me. It’s actually a novel, written by some unknown jabroni who’s not associated with either IP owner. More on that later. For now, let’s dive into the breakdown, shall we …

The year is 2005. Freddy’s dead … his demise authored by the unlikely team of Jason, Lori and Will, the soul survivors from the previous film. But of course, dude is eternal. So he’s in hell, searching for a way to return to the surface world and wreak havoc. He needs a vessel, and once again, Jason unknowingly plays an integral role in his resurrection. Fred eventually finds said vessel, and the method he uses to commandeer it is insanely creative and graphic. I could see it playing out rather vividly. So Freddy’s back, and he’s hell bent on claiming vengeance by any necessary means.

Meanwhile, Lori and Will, particularly Lori, are trying their best to cope in the aftermath. Life is relatively calm … until the nightmares return, followed by a series of brutal murders. This time, the killing has spread beyond Elm Street, suggesting that it might not be Freddy after all. Desperate for guidance, Lori reaches out to her therapist, Dr. Loomis. Sound familiar? Well it should. Because he’s the son of none other than Dr. Samuel Loomis from the Halloween franchise. I’m getting to it. Settle down.

Freddy has a master plan, and it involves playing the two biggest serial killers, outside of himself, against one another, while he expands his reach and makes spiteful nightmares a reality for any unlucky soul in his path.

Now I must say, the author, Walter Randall Bannister, has massive balls. HUGE. He took what (legally) should’ve been nothing more than an ambitious piece of fan fiction, and turned it into a full-length novel. How he got away with selling it on Amazon is a mystery. After all, this is an indy project, so it hasn’t been green lit by the IP owners of A Nightmare on Elm St., Friday the 13th, Halloween, or any of the other characters included in the story. Yes, there are others!

I found this all uber fascinating because back in the early 2000’s, me and my homeboy, Jimmy, wrote a prequel screenplay called ‘Elm Street’. Basically profiles the life of Freddy from the time his mother was raped by 100 maniacs, his traumatic childhood, and all the way through the infamous trial and torching by Springwood residents. Tried to shop it around, talked to a few entertainment lawyers, and they basically said that unless you sell it directly to New Line Cinema, Wes Craven, or another party connected with the franchise, the chances of having it produced were slim to none.

I was devastated! To the point where I haven’t written another screenplay since. I’m guessing that as long you stay under the radar, though, the IP owners won’t bother you, for the simple fact they don’t know a book like this even exists. Crazy, right?

A Bloody Good Time

Probable copyright infringement of the highest order aside, I must say, this book was awesome. We know the Elm Street and Friday movies have featured their fair share of R-rated material, boobage, and whatnot. The author captured that essence and then some. In fact, you could call this book erotic-horror, because the sex scenes are graphic and plentiful. It’s well written, for the most part, and compelling from beginning to end. I would’ve been fine with a rematch of Freddy and Jason, but the inclusion of other horror icons was a surprisingly nice touch. SMH. This dude’s got sack. I’ll tell you what.

If you’re a fan of horror movies/books or these characters in particular, I highly recommend checking out this bold novelization. 5 out of 5 razor sharp blades.

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