ChatGPT Alternatives for Erotica Authors

Contel Bradford
3 min readDec 8, 2023

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. The AI-powered chatbot has changed the game, and disrupted a multitude of industries, particularly the content writing sector. That said, the platform is far from perfect. Have you ever tried to generate something in ChatGPT with “spicier” language? If so, then you’ve probably experienced your fair share of frustration over its rigid safety guidelines.

On the bright side, erotica-friendly ChatGPT alternatives have emerged, and we’re gonna run down a few of them right now!


Might as well start with my favorite. AIDungeon is a fantasy-driven simulation platform that helps you take your storytelling endeavors to the next level. Available on the web and mobile devices, it allows you to create unique characters, complete with dialogue and actions, in an evolving world that is only limited by your imagination.

I dig AIDungeon because in terms of functionality, it’s the closest AI tool to ChatGPT I’ve run across. Simply enter your ideal narrative, click a button, and let the AI build your story one layer at a time. The platform also lets you build on top of what are essentially premade story templates, helping you work more efficiently while further expanding your creative possibilities.


Does your imagination run wild like Hulkamania, brother? Well MyTales just may be the ChatGPT alternative for you. MyTales gives you a Hulkster level of creative control, meaning you can use it like the typical word processor, or let it generate the initial text for you, and then take the narrative wheel from there. It also supports imports from existing blogs, email newsletters, and social media posts.

While MyTales looks like it’s straight out of the MySpace era, it is a fairly capable tool for erotica authors and writers in general. The platform is ideal for short narratives, full-length novels, and even poems. It also generates AI images, which can stimulate your creative juices on yet another level.


Finally, we have Dreampress, arguably the highest rated ChatGPT alternative on the scene. Weaving erotic tales is effortless thanks to an intuitive user interface. Build your story from a set of existing prompts or stories, or take full control by building a story from scratch with your own custom prompts.

Saddled with a moderate to severe case of writer’s block? Don’t sweat it. Dreampress lets you sift through a thicket of stories created by other writers, which you can build upon, or simply use for inspiration. You can also tap into the collaboration feature and brainstorm with other writers on the platform.

Stay Creative, My Friends!

Even me, Mr. Anti-Pop Culture, has to admit that ChatGPT is pretty damn handy. At the same time, it’s always nice to have options. ChatGPT alternatives are on the rise, and while the aforementioned tools are serviceable enough, something tells me that even bigger and better AI tools are on the way.

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