Beat Saber VR: The Quick & Painless Full-Body Workout Guide

Contel Bradford
4 min readAug 18, 2023

Guess what? There’s a video version of this article on the YouTube. You know how we do it.

By now, you know all about Beat Saber … at least you should. Because it’s the virtual reality rhythm gaming sensation still taking the world by storm some five years after its initial release.

Now on the surface, you may look at Beat Saber as this cutesy little video game. A modern day Guitar Hero or Just Dance, if you will. On the contrary, it’s a true to life virtual fitness machine. In fact, it can be a staple in a full body workout program. And your boy, the official unofficial Beat Saber spokesman, is here to lay out a simple plan for just that.

Move Somethin’

Now if you’ve seen any of those lucky influencers who have the privilege of a functional mixed reality setup, you may have run across videos that show people playing Beat Saber while practically standing in one spot. Yeah, it looks cool. But even if they’re killing it in terms of efficiency, they may not be the best example of the game’s fitness ceiling.

In order to make the most of Beat Saber, you need to prioritize movement. Side to side. Get up on your tippy toes. Twist your body to hit those seemingly impossible cubes. This can be challenging as both a beginning and experienced player. The newbie may find it hard to accomplish, while the seasoned sage may find it pointless because they can get err done by exerting minimal effort. In my experience, upping the ante on movement not only makes the game more physical, it makes it that much more fun.

Get Into It

One consistent theme I’ve noticed across workout programs like Insanity and P90 X, or even that dreaded physical training in state bootcamp, is the intensity a verbal cadence adds to the exercise.

Luckily, in the world of Beat Saber, this is as simple as singing to the damn music. Another case of easier said than done, but not impossible. Now if you rock with the default songs or whatever abominations are available in those premium music packs, you’re a weird person who should probably be on some kinda FBI list … Otherwise, it helps to have your game modded so you can beat the ole saber to music you actually enjoy listening to.

Honor Core Workout Principals

Speaking of workout programs, the only way you’re gonna make it in this Beat Saber life is if you approach it with same core principals of traditional exercise in mind, and that starts with breathing. This game can be very intense, so don’t forget to incorporate breath reps, or active breathing, into the madness. Trust me. It goes a long way. The same can be said for short water breaks and general hydration.

Another basic exercise component I recommend adding is core contraction. Sean T and Tony Horton hammered this aspect home so hard that I incorporate it into virtually every element of life. Sex. Walking to the fridge. You better believe I’m flexing my core with just about movement. I’ve found it makes a massive difference in fat shredding, toning your body, and all that good stuff.

Continually Challenge Yourself

Whether you’re a new or seasoned Beat Saber player, it’s fairly easy to cut corners or just mail it in. You play on no fail, AKA loser mode, or stick to the Easy or Normal difficulties on your favorite tunes because you know you’ve mastered them. That is no way to roll. Disable those cheat modifiers and take it up a notch. Maybe you can’t hack it on Expert or Expert Plus … or maybe you can. And if you can, you will definitely get more from the effort you put into it.

I guess that’s about it. Simple. Straightforward. Effective. That’s Beat Saber in a nutshell.

I have other VR titles in the my workout rotation, but when I don’t feel like screaming at Ninja Legends, or tempting the true death with Pistol Whip, I’ll dedicate a whole workout session to Beat Saber alone, and it’s every bit as intense and sweat inducing as I need it be.

So remember, kids … Life is Beat Saber and Beat Saber is life. Peace.

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