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Contel Bradford

In these Fetish Files, some of my subjects tend to be a tad stingy in what they’re willing to share. Well author Alexia Knight gave us a whole LOT, so no surprise her story is among the most fascinating I’ve encountered thus far. Check it out!

First thing’s first: can you please explain the premise behind Tinderella Diary?

I was feeling neglected and frustrated in my marriage and one day I downloaded Tinder and it quickly led me on a journey of self-discovery through sexual exploration that continues to this day. About a month into this journey, I couldn’t believe…

There’s also a video version of this review. Cool, huh?

I read this book quite a few years ago. Man, time flies. Back then, it had a different cover and was credited to a different author as well. From what I can tell, the core plot points remain the same. With that marginally relevant introduction out of the way, let’s dive into my review!

Diablo Snuff tells the story of Michael, who is in Panama City for a friend’s bachelor party. With his pals off shagging hookers back in their respective rooms, Michael is chomping on a burger when…

There’s also a condensed video version of this article on my YouTube channel. You can subscribe if you wanna:

There’s a big stink on Twitter regarding OnlyFan’s controversial decision to ban porn from its servers. Apparently the move has been in the making for some time, but for someone who doesn’t follow this particular scene all that close, it came as a major shock to me. It does, however, remind me of another internet controversy that unfolded just a few years ago.

Back in December 2018, Tumblr made the bold decision to outlaw sexually explicit content. As you might…

Rewind time and get caught up with part 1 of this candid couch session.

“It was the most insane mindfuck ever,” Connor admitted, spilling his very essence to the doctor. “I’m standing there with nine other guys. All of us naked. Watching this lady get plowed.”

“So there were ten guys waiting in line?”

“No, there were ten guys total. Three beside me. Then you had KT who was ummm … mounting her … on the pool table. And then another guy taking her in the mouth. Clark and the other three guys were just surrounding the pool table. …

Mental health made for a controversial topic in modern society, particularly in the African American community. For so long, wearing the slightest emotion on the sleeve could have a black man perceived as weak by outsiders, siblings, mothers and all. This visit didn’t qualify as a mental health check per se, but for a dominant, ego-driven personality such as Connor, signing up for a session was quite the humbling admission.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Bradley.”

Connor had no idea what to anticipate upon stepping foot into that office, which in and of itself, was unlike anything he could’ve ever imagined. For…

So you’re out of town on your little business trip. Get settled in the hotel room and decide it’s time to do the damn thang. You whip out your cell phone, head on over to our website FaaS rocks, which is 100% mobile friendly, flip through the Welcome page and right away you’ll see all the different categories on the next screen. These are the fetishes we service. So let’s say we’re in the mood for … hmmmm … “Foot Play” … Tap that, and now you see all the different options available for that fetish.

So how do I…

Heads up: I previously explained this is in a video. Whether you choose to listen to me talk or read my article is a preference of suffering. Proceed at your own risk!

I’m all into this visual novel thing. Well, I know I’ve got three in me … at least. Peddling books has always been a tall task for me, so I knew trying to sell a VN would be no walk in the park. But even ole Schleprock Bradford didn’t anticipate the challenge I was in for on the marketing tip.

So how’s it going? Not good. Kinda…

Some authors are great writers. Some authors are great storytellers. Then there are authors like Joi Miche’, an immensely talented young author who excels in the best of both worlds. I was honored to catch up with her for the milestone 20th episode of The Fetish Files.

When did you discover your knack for writing?

I don’t know that I have a knack yet! LOL, I’m still trying to find it. Every day I’m learning and constantly trying to improve my craft. I’ve always loved writing though, ever since I was a little girl. I got invited to a creative…

Finally got your hands on some kratom. Exciting, huh? After all, you’ve heard many a good thing. Or maybe you’re a little nervous, because you’re still not quite sure how to even use the stuff.

Don’t worry. Your boy. Your buddy. Your ole pal, has got ya covered.

5. Brew a Kratom Tea

Kratom tea is always a great place to start. This is actually where I started — and failed miserably in the process. But I’m a resilient SoB and eventually figured it out. The goal is to simply agitate and extract the alkaloids using scalding hot water as…

Contel Bradford

A seasoned freelance journalist and author, Contel Bradford is into reading, botanicals, horror, video games, and pro wrestling. Moreover, he LOVES adulting.

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