9 Tumblr Alternatives for Adult Content Creators

Contel Bradford
10 min readAug 20, 2021


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There’s a big stink on Twitter regarding OnlyFan’s controversial decision to ban porn from its servers. Apparently the move has been in the making for some time, but for someone who doesn’t follow this particular scene all that close, it came as a major shock to me. It does, however, remind me of another internet controversy that unfolded just a few years ago.

Back in December 2018, Tumblr made the bold decision to outlaw sexually explicit content. As you might have guessed, this didn’t go over so well. Legions of bloggers packed up and dipped out, and due to the dramatic decrease in users, new owner Verizon ended up selling the property to Automattic … reportedly for a sum significantly lower than its desired asking price. Beyond all those shenanigans, there is still a fuckton of porn slipping through Tumblr’s cracks to this day. SMH.

The good ole days of flying your freak flag worry-free on Tumblr are long gone. But never fear, for a plethora of potentially viable alternatives are here!

1. Band

I discovered Band back when I was looking for a Facebook alternative. Ohh sure, its the devil of social media today, but Facebook freak groups were on and poppin’ once upon a time. No shit. Any way, Band has a clean, user-friendly interface that makes it extremely easy to use. This site is built around groups, or “bands”, which pretty much does away with the having your own wall thingy like Facebook. Everything else is pretty straightforward. Band allows you to post photos, video, GIFs, and communicate via chat with individual users, or group sessions that include all members of a given band.

The biggest problem with Band is that it isn’t exactly porn-friendly. See, while there are quite a few freaky groups, the company essentially takes the same rigid approach to adult content as Facebook. That means you could easily end up in “Band jail” if your shit gets reported.

Another issue is the lack of activity. There’s not a lot of people on Band, and those who are tend not to be very active. Bunch of lurking mofos, last check. Ohh … there’s also quite a few bob and vagene ass niggas, if you know what I mean. Not that there’s anything wrong with those cats, per se. “All people equally suck”, is what I say. But it does highlight the fact the some of the most active Band users are overly thirsty males and kinda creepy.

2. MeWe

MeWe is another social network I found while out hunting for a Facebook alternative. My first impression was, ehh. The site just had this out of date, MySpace kinda feel to it, and I guess I wasn’t feeling it. Fast forward to the Tumblr debacle … I decided to give it a second spin and found that it actually has a lot of potential.

MeWe doesn’t scream simplicity out of the box. You may have to fuck around a bit before you get a handle on the controls. Once you do, though, I think you’ll find that it’s a pretty cool site. Best of all, they fucks with the porn … even if they say they don’t; trust me, they do … so you can pretty much post whatever.

I’ve met some cool peeps, snagged a few interviewees for my Fetish Files series, and swooped up some nice content for my ongoing smut collection. If you’re trying to promote your freaky wares or just mingle in some kinky groups, MeWe is a good place to lay down some roots.

mewe.com/i/contelbradford — Yeah that’s me!

3 Blogr.XXX

I love the concept of Blogr.XXX. There’s a couple of ways to customize the look and feel of your blog, but at heart, this platform is like a mashup of Tumblr and Pinterest. For example, you can categorize your content on boards and present your profile as a Tumblr-style blog that allows reblogging, likes, and comments.

Again, the biggest downside is the lack of activity. Blogr is two jabronis from being a virtual ghost town. Very few active blogs and even fewer interactions between users. Kinda frustrating because you can see that people are viewing your pics and playing your videos or whatever. But without commenting or liking, I just think it’s kinda hard for a site like this to go anywhere.

Blogr.XXX has potential, but for now, I wouldn’t waste too much time on it.

https://krampuskink.blogr.xxx/ — Yeah that’s me!

4. Sharesome

Sharesome touts itself as the first free adult social network … or something like that. The site caters to porn stars, cam girls, brand managers, and the everyday smut enthusiast. I like to call Sharesome the offspring of Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. The stream flows a lot like Twitter, while posting mechanics is reminiscent of both Facebook and Tumblr with targeted sharing options and the luxury to ramble on way beyond 140 characters.

Activity wise, Sharesome is off the chain. There’s always something new in your feed, so plenty of juicy content to be found and interesting people to follow. However, that works to the site’s disadvantage as well. About a month or two in, I noticed that they implemented a system that automatically makes you wait at least five minutes before making consecutive posts. They call it a cool down period. I imagine it’s a resource management kinda thing that helps keep the site from crashing or running too slow. Not a make or break deal, but it is kind of annoying.

All in all, Sharesome is one of my favorite Tumblr alternatives and one I highly recommend.

https://sharesome.com/IamKrampus/ — Yeah that’s me!

5. bdsmlr

Shortly after discovering Sharesome, I stumbled upon bdsmlr. What we have here is a Tumblr clone done right. In fact, this site is damn near identical. So if you know your way around the Tumblr dashboard, you’ll master bdsmlr in no time. And like Sharesome, this site is alive with activity. I built up a huge following quickly. If generating a lot of likes and reblogs and making connections in the kink community is something that tickles your pickle, you’ll love bdsmlr .

My only complaint is that videos suddenly stopped working. Any new videos will upload and post just fine, yet they don’t play. Even the videos you posted previously no longer work. Not sure if they dropped support or what, but this sucks, as it limits the platform to still images and GIFs.

https://krampuskink.bdsmlr.com/ — Yeah that’s me!

6. AdultNode

Good things cum in threes, and AdultNode is the third Tumblr alternative I found around the time of Sharesome and bdsmlr. This site is probably closer to Facebook than any other platform I’ve run across thus far. You’ve got your profile and wall stream, community pages, and good ole groups. Initially, I wasn’t too impressed with AdultNode. Sure, it was super easy to use, but it wasn’t very active. While activity doesn’t compare to the other two sites from this trio, things are picking up.

Admittedly, I’m probably a bit partial to this one because of some of the connections I’ve made here. I landed three of my interviewees from AdultNode, including episode 10 of the Fetish Files, featuring amateur porn star Natalissa. This site has a nice mix of ordinary pervs and aspiring industry folks, who happen to be very approachable. So for those reasons alone, it’s pretty cool in my book.

https://adultnode.com/Krampus — Yeah that’s me!

7. Pillowfort

Pillowfort is a site I discovered more recently. In order to join, you must pay a one-time fee of $5, which grants access to the registration process. Sounds kinda shady, but I took the plunge and found it’s legit. Pillowfort is an all-inclusive social network with an artistic vibe, which is why I didn’t mind shelling out the five bucks. Aside from being Pervy McSwervy, I use these sites to promote my erotica joints and interviews, so it makes sense. That’s my story and I’m rollin’ with it, God damnit!

Pillowfort is a lot like Tumblr in that it’s not exclusively porn, but lets you post porn without acting all douchey about it. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of activity here, either. There are hundreds of groups and most of them are dead in the water. Some without a single post. Like people just set ’em up and was like “fuck this shit, I’m out!”.

There was also a recent security incident that resulted in the site being shut down for well over a month while the team got their shit together on the back-end. Not a good look. They’re back up and running, but unfortunately, the site is even deader than before. I still post at least once a week, but I’d be surprised if this one sticks around long.

https://www.pillowfort.social/CountKrampus — Yeah that’s me!

8. NewTumbl

Next up is NewTumbl, yet another Tumblr clone. Now while this site obviously functions a lot like Tumblr, it adds its own unique twists as well. For instance, there’s a rating system that makes your posts visible to certain audiences. This way, the vanilla midgets can find their SFW content, while the NSFW goodies are easily accessible to the freaks.

Another interesting nuance that probably isn’t exclusive to NewTumbl, yet I didn’t notice until I got here, was the comment feature. There’s a little bubble next to the reblog and like functions that lets you comment on a post. I always thought it was stupid that you couldn’t comment on a Tumblr post unless you reblogged it. I’ve noticed this feature on bdsmlr as well, so chances are, my dumbass just didn’t notice it. Yeah, that’s gotta be it.

To my surprise, NewTumbl is also very active. In fact, I think I’m racking up followers and post interactions faster than any other Tumblr alternative, Sharesome and bdsmlr included. There’s also a feature that allows you to customize your stream to display content you’re interested in … whether you’re following those users or not. It’s not perfect, so you might end up with some unwanted penis in your feed, but still a nice touch.

If you were a Tumblr fan, then get your candy ass over to NewTumbl and start laying the smack down!

https://krampuskink.newtumbl.com/ — Yeah that’s me!

9. FetLife

Last not least … FetLife. Ohhh Fetlife! I had no idea this place even existed until the search for a Tumblr alternative began. To say FetLife is off the chain would be a major understatement. There ain’t a chain big or sturdy enough to contain the fuckery that goes down here. In a minute on that stuff. First let’s go over the look and feel.

FetLife has an archaic design that looks like it predates social media and the modern internet itself. I’m talking bare bones. Grimy. Like the niggas who run it got the servers set up in a dark, dank ass dungeon. The feel is similar because the site is lacking a lot of basic features. There is no support for GIFs and even composing a simple text-based post requires you to fuck around with HTML just so the shit is legible and not all bunched up. Kinda annoying, especially when considering the level of support the site gets.

Speaking of support, you must provide it in the form of a monetary donation in order to unlock all the FetLife goodies. My memory is fuzzy, but I think a basic free account gives you minimal access to profiles and content; meaning you only get so many follow suggestions and can’t watch videos. I’m a curious ass perv so I shelled out $30 for six months access, which opened up the wide world of Fetlife. Hoory shit!

I found kinksters from all walks of life, indulging in just about every fetish imaginable. There’s a lot of bondage, hardcore BDSM play, masturbation, insertions, water sports and much much more. I literally saw a bitch droppin’ turds in some poor dude’s mouth. No shit, bruhs and bruhettes. There’s also a wide range of groups on various topics, some of which act as classified ads where industry doms are listing openings in their respective stables and thirsty niggas are trolling for booty.

On the bright side, FetLife offers a ton of excellent material. High-quality content from hotties who obliterate the boundaries of sexuality. So if you like amateur porn and dig the personalization element social media brings to the table, you’ll appreciate that aspect, at least.

I do my thing with the erotica and Fetish Files, even snagged an interview with a friendly young couple I met here, but truthfully, even my freaky ass is a small vanilla fish in a massive ocean of kink around these parts. FetLife is so extreme that I have to fuck with it in small slices. I mean like a couple times every few months. Anything more than that, and I’d be off track with the buff ass Quagmire arm, fapping to shit I got no business even fapping to. God damn ridiculous.


So there you have it. My experience with some of the best known Tumblr alternatives. If you decide to give ’em try, don’t hesitate to reach out and connect. And if you know any I missed, share ’em wit ya boy! Peace!!!

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